The vineyard extends over 30 hectares, 22 of which are planted with AOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) vines.

Thanks to the different grape varieties and optimum growing conditions of the plots, we are able to offer a full and varied wine range across 2 Controlled Designation of Origin (AOC) areas, Valençay and Touraine.

Chantal and Patrick Gibault take an environmentally-friendly approach to tending their vines in Meusnes. The vineyard has been awarded Terra Vitis environmental certification.



Flinty clays make up the bulk of the soils, infusing our wines with a delightful mineral note. Our region is bathed in a continental climate under oceanic influence, so the vines are able to thrive amidst mild spring temperatures, plentiful summer sunshine and reasonable rainfall all year round.



BocageValençay vines primarily grow in the Indre département on sandy-gravelly soils and clay containing sand, silt and pebbles (locally known as "argiles à cosses"), producing crisp white wines and fine yet beautifully-structured red wines.






img62The Touraine vines, meanwhile, are planted in the Loir-et-Cher département on flinty-clay soils where gunflint was once extracted back in the Napoleon era. Mainly to be found in Meusnes, this flint brings intense, heady aromas to our white wines and distinctive body to our red wines.



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